2 comments on “Hello??? Is Anyone There

  1. Great blog post Brianne! I agree, I believe acknowledgment is a key element in making a positive impression. When I traveled to Africa one of the most fascinating cultural experiences I had was learning about how they greeted one another. In the Zulu dialect they say “Sawubona”, which means “I see you”. Then the other responds with “Yebo, Sawubona”, which means “Yes, I see you”. When you encounter somebody whom you do not know, it is polite to acknowledge their presence. This was my experience the entire time I was in this village. I agree that this is important to do for a customer as well. Its the very least you can do considering they are the reason you are in business.

    • Thanks for your comment Jack! I know that this is something we pride ourselves on at our job, and I think that a lot of companies could really learn from this! Africa sounds amazing, I would love to go there some day.

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